Saturday, February 17, 2007

FUCKED UP SHIT: Talking with Israeli Anarchist Kids

It was an international convergence, an Israeli-American peace summit, it was three boys in a room talking truth and politics, it was coffee and youth and brilliance and hunger. Of course that is why I liked the way Frederico said “FUCK” with a Latin-Jewish accent, “FUCKED UP,” he said and “FUCK THAT,” and “It’s no fucking question Israel should end settlements and get out of the entire West Bank and Gaza. That’s the minimum, not the maximum.”

Perhaps it is because his father, a member of an Argentinean guerilla organization*, was killed by the government’s army that Frederico understands how politics really should be discussed: with words that come from the gut, the asshole, the genitals, words loaded with desire and disgust and shock value. That’s the kind of business politics is: a fucking shit business.

As a friend once told me, “All wars are wars of acquisition.” Ain’t that the fucking truth, the simple primal secret disguised now in grey pinstripe suits woven from money and broken promises, camouflaged in army fatigues and decorated with gold stars and iron crosses, disguised in the rhetorical webs of academic historical bullshit routines. This is a fact everyone should know like they know the smell of their own armpits: wars, colonizations, and occupations are about fucking people over and stealing their shit.

* * *

*Rodrigo Vasquez, who is from Argentina and who produces the British documentary television show “Dispatches,” told me that this guerilla organization included many Jews who were members of the Argentine elite prior to a military coup, during which the Israeli government sold weapons to the militants who slaughtered Argentine Jews. There is no a memorial to Argentine Jews killed by weapons sold by the Israeli government in a forest in Israel which was stolen from the Palestinian Arabs. . . more fucked up shit in the tangled web of history.

* * *Notes from e-mail dialogue with a friend:

Will: “What do you think about nonviolent direct action, it’s potential and uses?”

A: “The nonviolent good ones are slaughtered like dogs. Hopefully their martyr’s flame extends to guide others out of the darkness.”

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